-The Control System of Each backup station is equipped by:

-​Independent Control System of Gas Separation Unit

-Independent Control from Different Stations: O2, Ar, N2

-Simplified and Reliable Hardware Architecture

-One Controller with Remote IOs for each station.

-SCADA interface for the user-friendly control system.

– All Hardware for the control is integrated within one control Cabinet to include one Main controller taking care of all control functions regardless of the Inputs Outputs of each station. 


-Flexible and Accurate control system computing complicated and specified tasks to maintain pressure and level within the Gas tanks at very low temperature using built-in PID control Blocks.       


-Trusted Solution Partners carry much more advantages than system integrators, therefore the client insisted on certified partners to execute this critical application in the Air Separation Unit and Gas Handling. 

-Automate as a solution partner used its experience in the hardware design and architecture by implementing the below Technologies:

-S7-300 CPU315

-2 PN DP

-ET200s Remote Ios for each station WinCC Flexible Runtime for SCADA Control System installed on Heavy Duty Industrial PC.

 -The main reason for using Siemens Products are well known for Sustainability and Reliability in particular S7-300 Family and the CPU315 State of the art product in this high-speed processing, computing, and execution of required tasks in addition WinCC Flexible offers a wide range of useful functions that fits perfectly medium requirements applications at a very reasonable price and the convincible ratio of the techno-commercial relation.

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