Chemical Treatment

The system consists of:

•      3 Acid Lift Stations

•      1 Solvent Lift Station

•      Solvent Collection Cabinet

•      Omega-pH treatment station

•      complete control station equipped with SCADA system.


Automate installed a system to collect and dispose of the waste using state-of-the-art technology to combine and neutralize streams for recycling and ensure the stream is below the level of concentration to be considered waste. This system consists of several lift or pump stations which collect waste from the hoods and transfer it to the much larger liquid waste holding tank which will be configured to balance the pH of the solution and dilute the ionic content to levels low enough for disposal as non-hazardous waste. The concentrated solvent waste cannot be diluted in this manner, so it is cost-effective to keep this waste in the most concentrated form for recycling or full incineration. The dilute solvent waste will contain levels of solvent well below the threshold levels to be considered as waste and can therefore be disposed of as standard lab waste, however, this waste must be kept from disposal until it can be verified that levels do not exceed those set by regulatory agencies.

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