Control & Power management at a 5 STAR Hotel Monte Cassino

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-ATS for switching between 3 Sources: EDL, Generator1 (300kVA), Generator2 (200kVA).AnS7-1200Controller is installed to manage the switching between sources according to actual consumption read through Profibus communication with Socomec Power Meter. Departures are energized progressively after switching procedures in a delayed sequence to maintain generators’ lifetime.

-BMS panels are installed on every floor: Underground, Level -1, Lobby, Level 1, Level 2. The user has the access to energizing the AC of every room in the homeland to enable-disable the heating system of each room as well. In addition to feedbacks of AC, functionalities are monitored on the control PC and reported as alarms in case of any malfunction. At the lobby level, dimming of all zones is possible through Dimming Module from BECKHOFF for spots direct dimming and analog outputs control 0-10V for strip lines indirect lights. Crushers and heating systems feedback is monitored as well on the control PC and is reported as alarms with horns in case of any serious malfunction. The water Level and fuel levels of all tanks are displayed…

Click on the link to check the Facebook page of the Hotel:

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