Majida farm BMS system


•Software development and BMS system graphics development for the control panel and management station.
•Integration of mechanical equipment such as AHU, VRV, EF, generators, and pumps through Modbus communication and hard-wired signal.
•Integration of Irrigation Hunter System into the SCADA.
•Integration of Home Automation into the SCADA through BACnet IP.


•All building equipment and third-party systems are monitored and controlled by the BMS management station so it’s easy to do the control from one place.
•Maintenance and troubleshooting will be easier because all the alarms are configured in the management station.
•It is possible to reduce operational costs by identifying the errors and fault functions when they occur.
•Less manpower to maintain the system.
•Fewer maintenance costs as Siemens products are more reliable in comparison with other brands.


• Programming for each building automation station, Integration with mechanical equipment such as AHU, VRV through Modbus communication.
• Supervision of the sensor installation and cabling.
• Third-party integration of irrigation hunter system through hunter special serial communication converted to Bacnet IP protocol and integrated into management station.
• Home automation system directly integrated into the management station.
• Experienced engineer support on-site for commissioning.

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