Qnaiwer Villa BMS

Full automation System to control Lighting Air Conditioning

power Management and all fancy devices


•Control of all lighting, Jacuzzi, shutters, Sockets, and major home appliances through a reliable control system with the ability of the manual override in case of any failure.

•The main task was to design the electrical system aligned with the automation system to include one tablet for local control within the apartment and a mobile application for local and remote access over the internet.

•One of the challenges was to switch from full auto mode to manual mode keeping the Controller out of intervention playing all the control from the conventional local switch and pushbuttons for all lighting equipment as well as shutters.


•Customer has benefited from the auto and manual mode at the same time by overriding the auto mode when needed or keeping the full-auto mode with application control as well as local control. Application is able to create scenes as per client requirements, monitor power consumption plays media and movies from the HDD Library…

•Maintenance Cost is reduced due to the high availability of the system, knowing that conventional electrical components were used, non-sophisticated, and found in the local market.

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