Liban Cables S5 to S7 software conversion and refurbishing of extrusion line

Discontinuation of Simatic S5 and Simatic 505  systems brings a number of disadvantage including expensive procuremnent of spare parts, a reduction and service and support facilities and fewer training courses  available and limited options of expanding your plant. This is further aggravated by the limited functions of the S5 or TI especially as far as fault diagnosis is concered, all this calls modernization, but without overstretching limited budgets.

At the same time as much of the accumulated systems expertise as possible must remain usable.

What is needed therefore is a phased modernization solution.

Thanks to the new technology and Automate know-how, not to forget SIEMENS adequate support to its solution partners, we were able to achieve customer complete satisfaction.

An old extruding line for cable isolation was also refurbished, including control and power cabinets to increase machine performance and hardware availability in case of failure.

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