SOPREL: Cement Mixing System

REQUIREMENTS of the customer:

•Replace the existing Control System based on S7-1200 by the latest CPU Released S7-1200 to include all IO Modules, and SIEMENS new HMI KTP600.
•Ability to monitor and control all daily batches with reporting based on the SCADA system developed and installed.
•The challenges are based on cost calculations by batch and by client to be saved in the SCADA system Database.

BENEFITS for the customer:

•Hardware Architecture offers high flexibility over availability and spare parts. Software developed in an open architecture to optimize the weighing of all three aggregates, cement hopper and water flowmeter as well as additive flowmeter.
•Production Cost is being monitored in a computerized way thanks to the reports generated for each batch. In addition, Cement stock is manually entered and continuously monitored and calculated, the total volume is being updated after each batch.
•Operational Cost is automatically reduced due to the auto mode sequence which optimized in terms of cycle time and cycle automatic restart


•Solution partner was able to replace the control system in a very short time, testing and commissioning was performed in presence of soprel and automate team.
•TIA Portal for S71200 Controllers was able to handle all needed tasks communicating with WinCC Flexible Runtime and Reporting Function implemented

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