SOUTH PLAST – Plastic Injection Machine

Full Electrical Renovation of Plastic Injection Machine to

include Hardware and Electrical Design, Software PLC and

HMI Development New Cabinet and installation and Wiring.

Testing And Commissioning


•Replace Existing old system that was causing too many problems on the electrical and hydraulic level stopping the production and affection the business.

•Install a suitable and reliable controller that can perform the needed requirements and put back the machine into accurate production with negligible downtimes.

•Find the needed datasheets for the old hydraulic controllers, such as the pump and the valves controllers MOOG for instance, and many other third-party devices that can be found within the old system design.


•Latest technology installed that can ensure high availability of products and spare parts, flexibility in replacement, and enhancement of upgrades when needed.

•Production Costs are automatically reduced due to the cycle times improvements, reduction of the number of operators needed to run the machine, negligible shutdown times, no mechanical or electrical failures.

•No more headache on the level of the mechanical problem that is sometimes caused by the malfunction of the electrical system


•Solution Partner always implements the suitable design and technology using the lowest budget making sure that the hardware used is perfectly able.

•Siemens Products with the S7-Family has proven a high efficiency in operation based on rugged design of electronics for dusty and harsh environment, therefore using S-200 or 1200 fits perfectly for this kind of application.

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