Flare Control and Gas Analysis System SUKOMI International 

The efficiency of biogenic production processes and optimum operation of the plant largely depend on continuous monitoring of the biogas composition. 

The Set BGA analyzes CH4 and CO2 using the proven ULTRAMAT 23 IR analyzer. 

The concentration of 02 is done using electrochemical sensors and also converted into output signals of 4 to 20 mA.

– The modular design of the system takes into account the physical conditions of the gas with regard to temperature and moisture in that various gas preparation components for heating or drying the sample gas can be configured as required.

Set BGA is designed with a high safety standard and is equipped with flow monitoring and detonation protection in accordance with EN 12874 in the sample gas path. To increase safety even further, a gas sensor for monitoring the ambient air is connected.

– Gas  Extraction from gas wells through two independent blowers (duty-standby). If the gas sampling Result provided by set BGA is suitable for flaring according to customer settings, an ignition procedure will take place and the flaring system will turn ON until oxygen concentration goes wrong or condensate removal is in need.

Data reading from Gas analyzers is done through Profibus communication between Ultramat23 and S7-1200 Profibus Master Device and then transmitted to a paperless data recorder through Banner Mullihop Wireless Data Radios.

All Gaz concentrations and flow.

Rates are sent to a third-party recorder from Eurotherm through wireless communication (BANNER).

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