EtherCAT Online Seminar Middle East: now is the time for innovation and increasing market share with EtherCAT!

An EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) Event: sponsored by Beckhoff Automation Middle East By participating in the EtherCAT online seminar, you will have access to the benefits and challenges of Industrial Ethernet, keeping in touch with the world’s greatest specialists in the field. In addition, through this event, it will be possible to understand how the EtherCAT technology can assist you in your applications and make them faster and more economical. During and after the presentation, questions will be answered via live chat. Agenda: Why is the fieldbus so important?Challenges of using Ethernet as a fieldbusEtherCAT, the Ethernet fieldbusFunctional principleHow to increase market share with EtherCATBetter qualityMore efficiency and throughputLower costsInstallation, troubleshooting and diagnosisSafety over EtherCATIoT, Industry 4.0, OPC UA & Co.EtherCAT and Cyber SecurityOutlook: EtherCAT G/G10SummaryQuestions and answers Language: EnglishSpeaker: Martin RostanDate: Tue, 16.03.2021, 11:00 AM (UTC+4)Duration: 60 minutes

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